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1966 - $10.00 - per issue   

        4/1 (sold out)

                The Atlatl and Fending Stick:  Two Ancient Weapons                            O'Laughlin, Tom

                           What are we going to do about El Paso's Ancient Heritage?                                           Green, John W.

                           Useful Plants in Ancient America - Family Cactaceae                                                     Green, John W.

          4/2  (sold out)

                       A Burial at the Mc Gregor Site                                                                                   Phelps, Alan

                              Northgate Site Two                                                                                                    Fritz, Gordon

                              A Yucca bag from the Mimbres                                                                                    Koernor, Betty

                               Report of Northgate Site Excavation                                                                          Koerner, Charles J.

                               Prehistoric Picture Puzzles                                                                                         Watson, Editha L.

                                Useful Plants in Ancient America                                                                              Green, John W.

                                Notes on the Buffalo -- Bison                                                                                    Green, John W.

               4/3      (sold out)

                               They didn't Barter to Fill the Larder                                                                           Brooks, Vernon Ralph

                               A Brief Sketch of the Solado Culture                                                                           Mills, Vera M.

                               A Proposed Method of Archaeological Survey                                                               Hedrick, John

                4/4         (sold out)

                               The McGRegor Site                                                                                                     Brook, Vernon Ralph

                               Useful Plants in Ancient America                                                                                 Green, John W.

1967-$10.00 - per issue

Vol.          5/1      (sold out)

                              Fusselman Canyon Petroglyph Site                                                                                 Green, John W.

                             Six Stone Balls                                                                                                              Phelps, Alan

                              A Stone Head from Near Casas Grandes Viejo, Chi, Mexico                                          Davis, Leslie

                              Adobe Steps of the El Paso Phase                                                                                   Brook, Vernon Ralph

Vol.             5/2  (sold out)

                                What Did they Use for Paint                                                                                       Watson, Edith L.

                                Some Faked Prehistoric Stone Heads from Mexico                                                     Brook, Vernon Ralph

                                Escondida Survey                                                                                                       Hedrick, Mrs John A.

                                Rock Art of the El Paso Southwest Reinvestigation of Fusselman                                Green, John

                                       Canyon Petroglyph Site

                                The Sarge Site:  An El Paso Phase Ruin                                                                       Brook, Vernon Ralph

                    5/3   (1 only)

A Report on the White Rock Cave Site                                                                        Brice, Chuck L & Phillips, John B.

Rock Art of the El Paso Southwest - White Rock Cave Pictograph Site                 Green, John W.

The New Mexico Rock Art Survey                                                                                Green, John W. & Brook, Vernon Ralph

            5/4  (sold out)

                                Ethnography of the Tarahumara                                                                                    Naylor, Tom

                                Excavation of a Single Room at the Hot Wells in the                                                    Schultz, Robert E.

                                      Spring of 1966                                                                                                 

                                A Folsom Site Near El Paso, TX                                                                                   Brook, Vernon R.  & Quimby, Byron


1968 - $10.00 - per issue

Vol.          6/1         (2 Left)

                               Plateeau Station Area Survey                                                                                         Hedrick, John A.

                               A Scottsbluff Point From El Paso, TX                                                                             Brook, Vernon Ralph

                               Historian Report for 1967                                                                                             Green, John

                6/2         (1 Left)

                      Palynology: An Effective Window into the Past                                                            Brice, Chuck L.

                              Folsom Complex Near Orogrande, NM                                                                 Russell, Paul

                               A Postulated Typical Dwelling at Hot Well                                                                     Davis, Jan

                               Five Pottery Vessels From Near Casas Grandes, Chihuahua                                            Fritz, Gordon L.

                6/3      (1 left)

                           A Folsom and Other Related Points Found Near El Paso, TX                                               Brook, Vernon Ralph

                             Two Polychrome Vessels Depicting the God Quetzalcoatl                                     Novelli, Cona

                             An Incised Stone Pendant and a Soto Projectile Point from                                                Phelps, Alan L.

                                        Northwestern Chihuahua                                                                               

Vol.         6/4        A recovery of Purslane seeds in an archaeological context                                               Phelps, Alan                       
                              Rocks and minerals used by prehistoric man in the El Paso area.                                    White, E. A.

1969 - $10.00 - per issue 

                7/1        (5 left)

                         The New Archaeology:                                                                                                   Heinemann, M.D. Sol

                                        A New Science or a New Technique

                               New Perspectives in Archaeology:                                                                                 Plog, Steve

                                        A Look to the Contemporary World

                               Aims of New Archaeology                                                                                             Fink, Robert

                               The Southwestern Archaeological Center                                                                     Oldendorph, O. F.

                7/2    (1 left)                                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                The Ancients Knew Their Paints                                                                                 Watson, Editha L.

                                Sittling Bull Falls Pictograph Site                                                                                   Green, John W.

                                First Hall of Honor Awards Banquet of EPAS                                                               Brook, Vernon R.

                                The Freelance Writer's Standard of Practice                                                              Nat. Writer's Club

                                An El Paso Polychrome Olla from the Hueco Bolson                                                        Bilbo, Michael J.

                    7/3      (1 left)

                    A Brief Report on the Gov. Confer. Relative to the Tex. Antiquities Law                Brook, Vernon R.

                                  The Texas Antiquities Law

                                    Letters to the Editor

                                    Mogollon Ceramics from Southern Texas                                          Heiser, Charles B. Jr &  Hill, T. C. Jr.                                                                           

                    Miscellaneous Notes

                         Some Considerations of Early Plant Domestication                                                  Heiser, Charles B. Jr.

                         Burned House:  An Additional Excavation at the Kukendall Site                            Mills, Jack & Vera

   7/4    (1 left)

              The Extinct Suma of Northern Chihuahua:                                                                Naylor, Thomas H.

                        Spanish Entradas, The Big Houses & Indian Groups of N. Mexico                           Schroeder, Albert H.

                        Biographical Notes, Letters to the Editor, Index to Vol. - 7 - 1969                          
1970 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.     8/1        Four archeo-magnetic dates from the Hot Wells Site (EPAS-3)                             Brooks, Vernon                 
                         Book review:  Photography for Scientific Publication by Alfred A. Blaker             Brown, Kenneth M.             
                          A Late Red Mesa-Early Wingate Phase necklace.                                                      Switzer, Ronald R.
                          In Memoriam:  Mrs. O. N. Rodgers                                                                                Cate, Carolyn

           8/2      (3 left)

                Artifacts of Interest from the Bloom Mound, New Mexico                                     Wiseman, Regge N.

                            A Carved Stone Head & Other Material from a Storage Room                                      Mills, Jack P. & Vera

                              Peking Man & the U. S. Marines                                                                                        Ludwig, Lt. Col. Verle E.

                              Book Reviews                                                                                                           Brook, Vernon R.

                              Introduction to Prehis. SW Indian Jewelry                                                                    Cate, Caroline

                              Indian Legacy                                                                                                                     Agricul. Research Serv.

                8/3       An El Paso Polychrome bowl used as a mortuary vessel.                                                Trost, Willy                     
                             Book review:  Archaeological Investigations at John Ischy Site:                                 Brook, Vernon
                             A Burnt Rock Midden in Williamsomson County, Texas, by William   
                             M. Sorrow.
                             BMIII ?; PII                                                                                                                         Wiseman, Regge N.
                             In Memoriam:  Harriet Sellman Cosgrove
                8/4       Notes on manufacture and trade of Rio Grande glazes.                                                Warren, A. H.                    
                             Book review:  Test Excavations at Amistad International                                              Brook, Vernon
                                Reservoir, Fall, 1967, by Michael B. Collins.
                             Demning Ranchette site survey.                                                                                          Rose, Martin

1971 -$10.00 - per issue
Vol.           9/1      The Neff Site, a ceramic period lithic manufacture site on the                                   Wiseman,Regge                                
                               Rio Felix, southeastern New Mexico.
                 9/2       Investigations of Tigua potters and pottery at Ysleta del Sur,  TX                            Hedrick, John A.               
                              Potsherds and population.                                                                                                 Schiffer, Michael B.                                                               
                              Edible fruits of forest trees                                                                                             U. S. Forest Service
                 9/3       Preliminary report of salvage excavations at LA2112, Lincoln                                       Wiseman, Regge N.           
                               County, New Mexico                                                                                                           Cobean, Robert H.
                                                                                                                                                                             Pfingsten, Clark C.
                             A mountain lion effigy pipe from southern New Mexico.                                                 Wiseman, Regge N.
                                The Slaughter Ranch Site                                                                                                Mills, Jack P. & Vera M.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
                9/4        Basic ecological laws and concepts vs. man’s egocentricity.                                           Gross, J. H.                         
                               Primitive man’s relationship to nature.                                                                            Guthrie, D.  
                                Cultural evolution: the fatal fallacy.                                                                                Wylie, P.
1972 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.         10/1      The Prehistoric Mogollon Culture and It's Regional Aspects  (4 left)                    Hammersen, Martha M.
                                  In the El Paso Area
                10/2       The Dinwiddie Site   (3 left)                                                                                        Mills, Jack P. and Vera M. 
                                A Historical Review of the El Paso Archaeological Society                                      Hedrick, John A.                   
                                The Casner Range Dam Site, EPAS-10 Preliminary Report                                        Bilbo, Michael J.
10/3        Fort Huachuca report.                                                                                          
                                I. The  Garden Canyon Site                                                                                            Young, Jon N.                        
                                II. Historical resume of San Pedro Valley (Ft. Huachuca area)                              Wallmo, Charles O.
                                III. Ft. Huachuca wildlife area surveys.                                                                    Wallmo, Charles O.
                                IV. Bird Species list, southwestern New Mexico.                                                     McCormick, Myra B.
                                Tombs of Colima                                                                                                            Heinemann, Sol, M. D.
                                The Mayas and the Incas.                                                                                           Westfall, Thomas D.       
                                Pottery vocabulary for amateur archaeologists.                                                      Cate, Caroline S.

                10/4       (1 only)

                                 An Unrecorded Rock Art cave at Hueco Tanks                                                  Toness, Kay

                                                                                                                                                                    Hill, Mack

                                 Prel. Notes on Cliff Valley Settlement Patterns                                                Fitting, Dr. James E.

                                  The Pitts Site                                                                                                         Mills, Jack and Vera

                                They Came from the South                                                                                     Dittert, Jr., Dr. Alfred E.

                10/5        El Paso Archaeological Society, 50th Anniversary 1922-1972                             Green, John W.                 
1973 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          11/1:2      An Early Mogollon Community   (5 only)                                                       Fitting, James E.                    
                                  A preliminary Report on the Winn Canyon Site
                11/3        Indian Village of Virginia                                                                               Hranicky, William Jack      
                                  A Means to the Past
                11/4        The Mimbres Report                                                                                                                                                      
                                Introduction: The Mimbres branch of the Mogollon                                             Palmer, Paul E.
                               A Mimbres Stone Effigy Vessell                                                                             Lekson, Stephen
                                                                                                                                                                     Klinger, Timothy
                               A major Mimbres collection: Life among the Mimbrenos                                     Snodgrass, O. T.       
                               A Mimbres Ornament                                                                                                 Snodgrass, O. T.      
                               Black-on-White Mimbres pottery: a bibliography                                                 Everitt, Cindi
1974 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          12/1        Prehistory at Milehigh    (1 only)                                                                 Skinner, s. Alan,                   
                                                                                                                                                                  Steed, Jr. Paul P.
                                                                                                                                                                   Bearden, Susan E.
                                Notes on the Archaeology of the Allen Ranch Rock Shelters                            Green, L. M.
                                  Terrell County, Texas                                                                                            Green, Frank O.
                12/2        Pueblo Viejo Salado sites and their relationship to western                               Brown, Jeffrey L.                
                                 Pueblo culture (1 only)
                12/3        Effects of forest fire on archaeological sites, Mesa Verde                                Switzer, R.
                               Similarity of lithic industries in Burro Mountains and Cliff                                  Skinner, E.
                                   Valley, southwest New Mexico                         
                               Museum and anthro-archaeological collections                                              Davis, G.
                12/4       The Fort Hancock rock art site Number One                                           Sutherland, Kay                    
                                                                                                                                                                    Steed, Paul P., Jr.
1975 - $10.00 - per issue   
Vol.      13/1    The Mexican Skin Game  (5 only)                                                                                S. Heineman, M.D. &                                                                                                                                                                Garcia, Ezequiel                                                                                         

            A Paleo-Indian Projectile Point from Hueco Firing Range                                    Davis, John V.

                               Polydactylism:  A Religious Symbol in Pre-Columbian Religion                              S. Heineman, M.D

                               Book Review:  The Plundered Past by                                                                     Chartkoff, Joseph L.

                               Obituary - Col. William A. Evans, Ret. 1907-1975

         13/2        Environmental Parameters, Three Rivers, NM                                                     Human Systems Research
                13/3       Rock art and ideology of the Mimbres and Jornada Mogollon                                   Schaafsma, Polly                   
                              Archaeological conservation at Salmon Ruin, New Mexico                                      Davis, Gordon
                              Paleo-Indian bison kill sites in North America, a bibliography                                Everitt, Cindi
                              Pine Springs Canyon Pictograph site in Guadalupe Mountains                                  Bilbo, Michael J.
                                  National Park, Texas
                              Book review:  An Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology,                                    Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                              Third Edition, by Frank Hole and Robert F. Heizer

              13/4        A report on Folsom Points found in the El Paso area   (sold out)                             Krone, Milton F.
                               A Sample of Archaeological sampling, Part I: The killer chance                               Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                              Ancient designs and Modern man in North America: destructive                                    

                                    and Artistic utilization of Indian rock drawings

                               Archaeology of the Plateau Site, Culberson County                                               Hedrick, John A.                                             

                               Book Review: Kiva Art of the Anasazi, by F. C. Hibben                                            Fitzgerald, Gerald X   

  1976 - $10.00 - per issue
  Vol.          14/1      Sampling in excavation, or, How much sand is in your basement                            Chartkoff, Joheph L.             
                                Fauna in Val Verde County, Texas: The Castle Canyon site and                              Green, John W.
                                  A modern overview
                                A high elevation archaeological survey of Castner Range,                                      Bilbo, Michael J.
                                  Fort Bliss, Texas
                                The citizen activist and cultural resources: a guide to strategies                        King, Thomas

                                Book review: The Cave Paintings of Baja California, by                                           David, John V.
                                   Harry Crosby                                                                                                    
               14/2        A survey of “Picture Cave” in the Hueco Mountains, Texas                                    Sutherland, Kay                    
                             The threshold of significance: Semantic conflicts between land                            May, Ronald V.
                                  Developers, environmental planners, and archaeologists
                               The Ahumada Point, a projectile point from northern Chihuahua,                           Krone, Milton F.
                               A Clovis Point from the El Paso Area                                                                            Krone, Milton F.
                                  Survey Sampling,                                                                                                         Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                               Book review: The Rocks Begin to Speak, by Martineau, La Van                                 Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
                14/3        Some thoughts on faunal procurement: considerations for                                    Greer, John W.                     
                                  southwest Texas
                                A Cache from the edge of a dry lake at McGregor Range                                       Hutton, James D.
                                In Memoriam:  William Mack Hill                                                                                 Martin, Thomas J.
                                Book review:  Field Methods in Archaeology, 6th Edition, by                                  Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                                Thomas Hester, Robert Heizer, and John Graham
                14/4        Rock art on Alamo Mt., Otero County, New Mexico (2 only)                              Steed, Paul P., Jr.               
1977 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          15             Archaeological survey Three Rivers Drainage, New Mexico                                Wimberly, Mark  & Rogers, Alan                   

                                                                                                                Eidenbach, Peter
1978  - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          16/1           A bibliography of North American Indian Rock Art                                          Wellmann, Klaus                      
                16/2           Petroglyphs at Three Rivers, New Mexico: a partial survey                             Sutherland, Kay                   
                16/3          The study of an adobe building in Ysleta, Texas: The Alderete-                        Morrow, Herbert C.             
                                      Candelaria House

                16/4         Perspectives on early agriculture in the American Southwest                           Chartkoff, Joseph L.            
                                                                                                                                                                     Chartkoff, Kerry K.
                                Amateur archaeologists as conservationists                                                         Skinner, Alan
                                The Soto Ranch site                                                                                                  Krone, Milton F.
 1979 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          17/1        Construction of an Early Kayenta Anasazi pithouse at Kayenta, AZ.                  Hill, David V.                          
                                A Survey of Style designations in North American Indian rock art                   Wellmann, Klaus F.
                                Redware frequency and elevation, an alternative analysis                                   Wiseman, Regge N.
                                Book reviews:  Mimbres Painted Pottery, by J. J. Brody;                                      Davis, John V.
                                Realistic Art and Times of the Mimbres Indian, by O. T.
                                Snodgrass; Art of a Vanished Race, the Mimbres Classic Black-
                                On-White, by V. M. Giammattei and N. G. Reichert
                17/2        Results of the 1978 field season at Rattlesnake Hill, Otero                                Way, Karen L.                     
                                  County, New Mexico                                                                          
                                Salado sites in the Dripping Springs Valley, central Arizona                                Smith, Philip G.
                                Book review:  Settlement Patterns of the Western Hueco Bolson,                     Fitzgerald, Gerald X
                                by Michael E. Whalen et al.
                17/3        Rock art on Alamo Mountain, Otero County, New Mexico, Part II                      Steed, Paul P., Jr.              
                17/4        A bibliography of North American Indian rock art, 1st, supplement                   Wellmann, Klaus F              
                                Book reviews:  Archaeology by Experiment, by John Coles:                                   Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                                  Experimental Archaeology, edited by Daniel Ingersoll et al.
1980 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          18/1        A survey of aboriginal metal points from the Apacheria                                   Thompson, Marc                    
                                   Fort D. A. Russell, Marfa Border Patrol site                                                    Morrow, Herbert C.      
                                 Rock writings of South Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona                                         Holden, Wes
                18/2        The archaeology of Mission Socorro                                                                   Schuetz, Mardith                  
                                The soto Ranch site, Addendum No. 1                                                                  Krone, Milton F.
                                The Candelaria Style:  An identifiable rock art tradition of                            Davis, John V.
                                  Northern Chihuahua              
                18/3        Rock Art in Chaco Canyon (sold out)                                                                   Steed, Jr., Paul P.                  
                18/4        The desert supermarket                                                                                          Smith, Ruth D.                        
                                A note on a figurine from the El Paso area                                                             Foster, Michael S.
                                Prehistoric and historic Indian populations in southeastern                                Laumbach, Karl W.;
                                   New Mexico                                                                                                            Beckett, Patrick H.
1981 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          19/1         Community effort can build a museum on a low budget  (5 left)                       Westfall, Thomas D.          
                                Building a museum:  EPAS and the Wilderness Park Museum                               Hamilton, Nancy
                                                                                                                                                                    Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
                                                                                                                                                                    Davis, Marguerite
                                The Northeast El Paso Survey                                                                                Fitzgerald, Gerald X
                                In Memoriam:  Frances F. Sommer
                19/2        Castner Range petroglyph site                                                                                Embrey, Kelly Ann                 
                                Survey and excavations at Pueblo Canyon Cliffs, Los Alamos,                             Poore, Anne V.
                                  New Mexico
                               The JDB rock art site                                                                                              Foster, Michael S.
                                                                                                                                                                   Bradley, Ronna J.
                                Book Reviews:  Wooden Ritual Artifacts from Chaco Canyon,                           Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
                                New Mexico, by R. Gwinn Vivian et al; The Taos Trappers, by
                                David J. Weber; The Walhalla Plateau, by Douglas W. Schwartz
                                Et al; The Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico Site Survey, by D. Bruce
                                Dickson, Jr.; Contemporary Ecology of Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico
                                By N. Edmund Kelley
                19/3-4    Archaeological essays in honor of Mark Wimberly    (2  left)                           Foster, Michael S.,            

1982 - $10.00 - per issue

Vol.     20/1-2 Rock Art of Brewster County, Texas Part One                                                      Lowrance, Miriam A.

Vol.        20/3-4   Rock Art of  Brewster County, Texas Part Two                                                    Lawrance, Miriam A.

1983 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.         21/1-4     The Pratt Cave Studies  (5 left)                                                                            Schroeder, Albert H.,          

1984 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.         22/1        A youth’s introduction to the Indians of the El Paso del norte area                          Gerald, Rex E.                    
                                Archaeomineralogy:  The use of minerals in archaeological                                  Mitchell, Robert D.
                                Holdings of the El Paso Archaeological Society Library, Jan. 1                            Keller, Janis M.
               22/2       Early Pithouse Period adaptation in western Texas   (2 in stock)                       Whalen, Michael E.           
                                Alamo Canyon:  The Storyteller Woman Panel                                                      Apostolides, Alex
                                Four methods of archaeological dating                                                                 McDonald, Megan                 
                                Book review:  Chaco Canyon, by R. H. Lister & F. C. Lister                                  Chartkoff, Joseph L.
              22/3         Rock art at Los Esteros                                                                                        Steed, Paul P.                  
                                Book Review:  Stonehenge:  The Indo-European Heritage by                                 Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
                                Leon E. Stover and Bruce Kralig
              22/4          Strange’s  laws of archaeological excavation                                                    Strange, James F.                        
                               An isolated cache near the east Portrillo Mountians, southern                           Achim, Douglass V.
                                  New Mexico
                               The Diablo Reservoir burial                                                                             Foster, Michael S.
                                                                                                                                                        Hard, Robert J.
                                Use of photo mosaics in the mapping of rock art sites at Hueco                        Bilbo, Michael
                                  Tanks State Park, Texas
                                A Hopi pottery-firing at Pinos Altos                                                                 Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                                                                                                                                                         Chartkoff, Kerry K.
                                Positive evidence from Jornada sites after the Archaic                                    Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
                                Book review:  Beneath the Border City; Urban Archaeology in                            Hamilton, Nancy
                                Downtown El Paso, by Edward Staski et al.
1985 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          23/1&2   Proceedings of the Third Jornada Mogollon Conference     (sold out)                    Foster, Michael S., &              
                                                                                                                                                          O’Laughlin, Thomas C.
                                Taxonomic considerations                                                                                  Eidenbach, Peter L.
                                Proposed changes in some of the ceramic period taxonomic                                 Wiseman, Regge N.
                                Sequences of the Jornada Branch of the Mogollon
                                Comments on Wiseman’s proposed changes in some of the ceramic                      Whalen, Michael
                                  period taxonomic sequences in the Jornada Branch of the Mogollon
                                   The Black Range Project:  A regional perspective                                             Laumbach, Karl;
                                                                                                                                                          Kirkkpatrick, David
                                Jornada Mogollon occupation of the Rincon Valley, New Mexico                         O’Laughlin, Thomas C.
                                Prehistoric occupation in the Tularosa Basin Jornada del Muerto:                     Breternitz, Cory
                                  A view From the White Sands Missile Range                                                  Doyel, David
                                  An initial report on the DIVAD archaeological project                                    Mauldin, Raymond
                                Early Pithouse Period research in the Hueco Bolson                                           Whalen, Michael
                                Pithouse to Pueblo transition in the Jornada Mogollon: a                                   Carmichael, David
                                Pueblo Sin Casas:  A preliminary discussion of a multicomponent                      Foster, Michael S.
                                  Site in the Hueco Bolson
                                Anapra Pueblo site                                                                                            Scarborough, Vernon
                                Late Prehistoric subsistence change in southeastern New Mexico:                   Speth, John;
                                  The faunal evidence from the Sacramentos                                                     Scott, Susan
                                Review of the architectural sequence at La Junta de los Rios                            Kelley, J. Charles
                                Playas Red:  A preliminary study of origins and variability in the                     Bradley, Ronna J.;
                                  Jornada Mogollon
                                Archaeological excavations:  A plea for a more refined techniques                   Scarborough, Lee;
                                                                                                                                                       Harris, Arthur H.
                23/3       In Memoriam:  Georgia Ann Blake            
                                Some comments upon the occurrence of fossils on archaeological                     Todd, Jesse Earl            
                                The atl-atl or spear throwing stick                                                                  Bird, George
                                Intrasite and intersite variability in architecture                                           O’Laughlin, Thomas C.
                                Comanche Springs                                                                                           Hibben, Frank C.:
                                                                                                                                                       Benjamin, Ben:
                                                                                                                                                      Adler, Mildred S.
                                Book review:  New Light on Chaco Canyon, edited by D. G. Noble                     Hamilton, Nancy
                23/4       A report on a few rock art areas in Dona Ana County., New Mexico                  Todd, Jesse Earl                   
                                   Archaeologist as hunter-gatherer                                                                  Portnoy, Alice W.
                                Effective use of personal experience in the field                                              Portnoy, Alice W.
                                Results of a study of the multiple functions of archaeological                            Portnoy, Alice W.
                                  Field schools 
                                Report on the find of a gypsum Cave point near El Paso, Texas                          George, James F.
                                Pottery indexing and characteristics of El Paso Brown Ware                           Byrd, Susannah M.
                                Historic resources survey for a proposed east El Paso reliever                       DeGarmo, Glen;
                                 airport                                                                                                           Collins, Jeanniene;
                                                                                                                                                       Siros, Hal
                                Book review:  The Faunal Remains from Arroyo Hondo, New                            Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                                  Mexico, A Study in Short-term subsistence change, by Richard
                                  W. Lang and Arthur H. Harris                                                                                             
1986 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          24/1        Santiago North, rock art of northern Brewster County, Tx,Part I                      Lowrance, Miriam A.           
                24/2       Santiago North, rock art of northern Brewster County., Tx Part II                    Lowrance, Miriam A.           
(sold out)24/3       Some problems of conservation and preservation of rock art                               Lee, Georgia                      
                                  Stylistic evolution of rock art in the Jornada region                                      Bilbo, Michael:
                                Additional rock art sites of southern Brewster County and the                          Lowrance, Miriam A.
                                  Mexican Rio Grande
                                Pictographic body language-1984                                                                      Clifford, Donald M.
                                Pictographic body language, supplement 1-1985                                                 Clifford, Donald M.
                                Book reviews:  Mogollon Culture in the Forestdale Valley, east-                        Hamilton, Nancy
                                  Central Arizona, by Emil W. Haury, and Adobe Walls:   The
                                  History and Archaeology of the 1874 Trading Post, by T. Lindsay
                                  And Billy R. Harrison
                24/4       A rock art site in the northern Finlay Mountains, Texas                                    George, James F.                 
                                Survey of Texas Big Bend’s prehistoric Indians and their                                Hilton, Evelyn G.
                                  Pottery:  Circa A.D. 1000-1500
                                The significance of the Jarilla Mountains in mining and mineral                      Geyer, Barbara
                                  Trade during the El Paso Phase
                                Archaeologists vs. looters in the high tech race for artifacts                           Coppola, William
                                Book review:  Among Ancient Ruins:  The Legacy of Earl Morris                      Hamilton, Nancy   
1987 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          25/1        The identification and classification of projectile points from the                    Brockmoller, Sunny             
                                  Plateau Complex, Van Horn, Texas
                                 Jewelry from northern Chihuahua                                                                   Phelps, Alan L.
                                Why the Pleistocene fauna lingered in Latin America                                       Agogion, George A.
                                The case against a pre-projectile horizon                                                        Agogino, George A.
                                Snow-filled arroyos as Paleo-Indian bison traps                                              Agogino, George A.  
                                The pestle                                                                                                       Davis, Leslie
                                A serpentine pendant from a Viejo Period Casas Grandes site                          Achim, Douglas V.
                                A Hueco Tanks engagement:  The Apache battle that wasn’t                             Sharp, Jay W.
                                Book reviews:  Emil W. Haury’s Prehistory of the American                           Hamilton, Nancy
                                  Southwest, edited by J. Jefferson Reid and David E. Doyel.
                                  Bison Kills and Bone Counts:  Decision Making by Ancient                             Charkoff, Joseph L.
                                  Hunters, by John D. Speth.  
                25/2       Rock art of Jeff Davis County, Part I, Eastern Jeff Davis County,                    Lowrance, Miriam                   
                                  Part II, Central Jeff Davis County, 1987
                25/3       Rock art of Jeff Davis County, Part III, Central Jeff Davis                              Lowrance, Miriam                 
                                County. (cont.); Part IV, Western Jeff Davis County
                25/4       A distinctive Puebloan artifact:  The worked sherd.                                          Crook, Wilson W.                
                                   Soto:  A distinctive projectile point type.                                                    Phelps, Alan L.
                                Pottery types of the Southwestern Federation of Archaeological                      Runyan, John W.;
                                  Societies (SWFAS) area                                                                              Hedrick, John A.
                                Masked anthropomorphic representations and Mogollon cultural                       Bentley, Mark T.
                                  ceremonialism, a possible Pacific coastal influence through
                                Book review:  The Presidio and Militia on the Northern Frontier                     Hamilton, Nancy
                                  Of New Spain, Volume I, edited by Thomas H. Naylor and
                                  Charles W. Polzer.
1988 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          26/1        Uretsete and Naotsete genesis myth of Cochiti Pueblo                                    Patterson, Carol                     
                                First view:  The cultural-chronological implications                                     Agogino, George A.;
                                                                                                                                                    Hillsman, Matthew J.
                                Could Gar scales have been used as projectile points in the                            Agogino, George A.;
                                  Southern United States and Northern Mexico                                             Sheley, Philip
                                The Platte River Paleo-Indian site, 1923                                                        Agogion, George A.
                                The history of Blackwater Draw                                                                    Agogian, George A.
                                The Mimbres butterfly motif (the rejuvenation of an old idea).                       Bentley, Mark T.
                                Book review:  Food, Diet, and Population at Prehistoric Arroyo                      Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                                  Hondo Pueblo, New Mexico, by Welma Wetterstrom
                26/2       Pickup Pueblo, a late prehistoric house ruin in northeast El Paso    (4 only)     Gerald, Rex E., Ed                   
                                  Introduction                                                                                               Thompson, Marc
                                  Field procedures and results                                                                       Thompson, Marc
                                  Pickup Pueblo                                                                                               Gerald, Rex E.
                                  Artifact descriptions                                                                                  Garcia, Maria T.
                                  The cultural systems of El Paso Phase pueblos                                             Thompson, Marc
                                  Summary                                                                                                    Thompson, Marc
                                  Appendix A. Flora observed in the vicinity of Pickup Pueblo                         Barnett, Susan
                                  Appendix B. Faunal remains recovered from Pickup Pueblo                           Seme, Michael
                                  Appendix C. The human skeletal remains from Pickup Pueblo                        Gerald, Rex E.
                                  Appendix D. Petrographic analysis of El Paso Polychrome                             Hill, David V.
                                  Pottery from Pickup Pueblo
                                The Folsom Type Site was not the first:  Other pioneer                               Agogiono, George A.
                                   discoveries of Early Man
                                The Apache Wind God at Alamo Mountain                                                     Bilbo, Michael
                                Book review:  The Toltecs Until the Fall of Tula, by Nigel Davies                 Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
                26/3       Rock art of Presidio County, Part I: Western Presidio County;                        Lowrance, Miriam                 
                                  Part II:  Northeastern Presidio County.
                26/4       Rock art of Presidio County, Part III, Southeastern Presidio Cty.                   Lowrance, Miriam               
1989 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          27/1        An analysis of burials from the Old Socorro Mission, Socorro, TX                Evans, Consuelo T.                
                                The ecological significance of early Piman immigration to                            Fritz, Gordon L.
                                  Southern Arizona 1989
                              Book review:  Talking With the Clay:  The Art of Pueblo Pottery                       Chartkoff, Joseph L.
                                  By Stephen Trimble.

                27/2       An archaeological reconnaissance of the Rio Grande Valley in                          Lekson Stephen H.                 
                                  Sierra County, New Mexico (sold out)
                27/3       Archaeological investigations in the Three-Mile and Sulphur Draw                 Foster, Michael S.;          
                                  Watershed, Culberson County, Texas                                                           Kelley, J. Charles
                               Desert Pebble Tool Cultures-how old are they?                                                Crook, Wilson W., III
                               An analysis of Cranium I-1, a possible Upper Paleolithic skull                         Agogino, George A.
                               Book review:  Archaeological Insights into the Custer Battle:                         Hamilton, Nancy
                                  An assessment of the 1984 Field Season, by Douglas D. Scott
                                  and  Richard A. Fox, Jr.
               27/4        Measurement of three skeletons from San Juan County, N. M.                          Agogino, George A.
                                The cultural destruction of the archaeological site at                                     Agogino, George A.
                                  Tlatilco, Mexico
                                The Pueblo Revolt of 1680:  Eighty years of cultural tension                            Knaut, Andrew
                                Literary archetypes in the Jicarilla myths and tales                                      Todd, Jesse Earl
                                Theocracy in advanced civilizations of the Americas                                      Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
1990 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          28/1        The Hatch Site (La3135)                                                                               Schaafsma, Curtis F.            
                                Alberta bound!                                                                                                Nicholls, Lesley
                                Comments on “An Analysis of Burials from the Old Socorro                            Wiseman, Regge N.
                                  Mission, Socorro, Texas,” by Consuelo Theresa Evans
                                Book review:  Conflict in the Archaeology of Living Traditions,                      Chartoff, Joseph L.
                                  Edited by Robert Layton
                28/3       Collected papers by Rex E. Gerald, Ph.D   (only 1 left)                                     Gerald, Rex E.                     
                                The Old Socorro Mission Site test excavations, 1981-1983
                                The Tigua Indians of Ysleta del Sur
                                Missions, presidios, haciendas, and caminos of the Paso del Norte area
                                Report on a U. T. El Paso mini-grant to investigate prehistoric forti-
                                  fications in a   primitive state in the Casas Grandes area of Chihuahua
                                Social systems responses to famine stress
                                Appendix:  Vita, Rex E. Gerald
                28/4       Ten years of Mimbres archaeology                                                                  Shafer, Harry J.                 
                                Archaeology at the Nan Ruin                                                                          Shafer, Harry J.
                                Four possible stone axe sharpening locations in the vicinity of                      Bentley, Mark .
                                  Hueco Tanks
                                A multicomponent site located in Water Canyon (Jarilla                                Bemtley, Mark T.
                                  Mountains, New Mexico)
                                A Clovis projectile point from the vicinity of Samalayuca,                             Phelps, Alan L.      
                                 Chihuahua, Mexico                                                                                                                                                                  
                              A Paleo-Indian presence in northern Chihuahua-El Millon site                          Phelps, Alan L.
                               Book reviews:  Carl Gorman’s World, by Henry and Georgia                           Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
                               Greenberg.  The Aztec Empire, by Nigel Davies, Paracas Ritual    
                                Attire:  Symbols of Authority in Ancient Peru, by Anne Paul.
                              The Chinese of Early Tucson:  Historic Archaeology from the                          Hamilton, Nancy
                                Tucson Urban Renewal Project, by Florence and Robert Lister
1991 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          29/1       Ed White – A remembrance                                                                            Davis, Leslie                       
                               Archaeology at the Nan Ruin (LA15049). 1985 Interim Report                       Shafer, Harry J.
                               Swarts Ruin revisited:  An assessment of the 1920’s excavation                    Shafer, Harry J.
                                  And data potential                                                                         
                               Identifying possible Gar scale tool use:  A reply to Agogino and                      Baker, Barry W.
                                Book reviews:  Arizona State Museum Style Guide, 2nd Edition,                    Hedrick, Carrol
                                  Compiled by Carol A. Gifford and Carol A. Heathington
                                The Chilkat Dancing Blanket, by Cheryl Samuel                                               Hill, Mary Boeke
                29/2      Archaeology at the NAN Ruin: 1986 interim report                                         Shafer, Harry J.                
                               Early salt mining in the Paso del Norte region                                                 Bentley, Mark T.
                 29/3     Archaeology at the NAN Ruin:   The 1987 season                                              Shafer, Harry J.                 
                              A surface collection from Site 41JD131, Jeff Davis Cty., Texas                     Hudgins, Joe D.;
                                                                                                                                                     Patterson, L. W.
                               Book review:  The Pottery of Acatlan:  A Changing Mexican                            Fitzgerald, Gerald X
                                 Tradition, by Louana M. Lackey
                29/4       Archaeology at the NAN Ruin:  The 1989 Season                                         Shafer, Harry J.                    
                                A unique site on the Rio del Carmen:  Frio-style points in                           Phelps, Alan L.
                                  In northern Chihuahua
                                Book review:  Aztec Thought and Culture:  A Study of the                            Pastrana, Dale
                                  Ancient Nahuatl Mind, by Miguel Leon-Portilla          
1992   - $10.00 - per issue                  
Vol.          30/1    Archaeological testing of three sites below the rim rock of Diablo                 O’Laughlin, Thomas;           
                                  Plateau, Hudspeth County, Texas                                                             Martin, Deborah L.
                30/2       A survey in McKittrick Canyon watershed, Guadalupe Mountains                 Kenmotsu, Nancy A.              
                                  National Park, Culberson County, Texas
                                An unusual Pueble skull                                                                               Agogino, George A.
                                Children of the sun:  One aspect of Late Prehistoric and Early                     Bentley, Mark T.
                                   Historic Native American religion in the El Paso Region
                                Book reviews:  Rock Art in New Mexico, by Polly Schaafsma                      Hamilton, Nancy
                                  Indian Givers, by Jack Weatherford                                                        Fitzgerald, Gerald X.
                30/3       The surface archaeology of southwestern New Mexico     (Sold out)          Lekson, Stephen H.              
                                Mimbres Classic Black-on-White pitchers                                               Cox, Robert L.
                                Book review:  Prehistoric Mesoamerica, by Richard E. W. Adams            McGeehee, Michael D.
                30/4       Evidence  for a Tompiro Morning Star Kachina                                         Baldwin, Stuart J.                  
                                Paracutin:  The Devil’s Breath                                                                 Agogino, George A.
                                An Archaic bison-hunting culture                                                            Hibben, Frank C.
                                Clovis, Controversy, and a cave called Pendejo                                         Lockhart, Bill
1993 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          31/1      Archaeology of the Cienega Mountains of Presidio Cty., Texas                    Mallouf, Robert J.            
                             Tentative chronological framework of Paleo-Indian and Archaic                  Wiseman, Regge N.
                                Projectile points in Lincoln Cty., south-central New Mexico
                             Pictographs in Slaughter Canyon Cave, Carlsbad Caverns                             Bilbo, Michael;
                               National Park, New Mexico                                                                      Bilbo, Barbara
1993 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          31/2       Hot Well Village and reservoir, a preliminary overview                           Bentley, Mark T.                
                                The Hueco Mountain reservoir, a preliminary assessment of an              Leach, Jeff D.; Almarez.
                                El Paso Phase water catchment basin                                                      Federico; Buck,  Brenda;
                                                                                                                                              Burgett, Galen R.
                             The Monger Site, testing of an Archaic hearth in Fillmore Pass,               Leach Jeff D.
                                Dona Ana County, New Mexico
                             Analysis of Human remains from the HWT Site, New Mexico                  Powell, Joseph H.; Dockall,
                                                                                                                                             Helen; Shafer, Harry J.
                31/3      MOTR Site:  Excavation at site LA 72859, an El Paso Phase                     Browning, Cody; Sale,Mark 
                                  structure on Fort Bliss, Otero County, New Mexico                             Kirkpatrick, David;
                                                                                                                                             Laumbach, Karl W.

                31/4        Phase II additional Testing, Loop 375 Archaeological Project,                 O’Laughlin, Thomas C.       
                                    El Paso County, Texas                                                                         Martin Deborah L.
1994 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          32/1      The Humpbacked Flute Player visits Abo Pass                                            Baldwin, Stuart J.           
                               Uncarbonized maize cobs from Beth’s Cave, Lincoln County,                      Adams, Karen R.;
                                            New Mexico                                                                               Wiseman, Regge N.
                              Ground penetrating radar investigations in the search for the                    Driver, W. David
                                  San Elizario Presidio, El Paso County, Texas                                                                        
                               Excavation and analysis of a nineteenth-century bottle pit in                     Lockhart, Bill;
                                  Sun Elizario, Texas                                                                               Olszewski, Wanda
                             San Juan de Miranda:  A series of peripheral sites on the Rio                     Phelps, Alan l.
                                Casas Grandes in northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico
                 32/2       Fort Selden, New Mexico:  Archaeological investigations of the               Wilson, John P.;                
                 32/3       latrines and magazine 1974-1976                                                             Caperton, Thomas J.
1995 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          33/1     Prehistory of the Guadalupe Mountains                                                         Roney, John R.                  
                33/2       George Bird, 1933-1994                                                                                                                        
                                The fish-carrying pole of the Mimbres:  A perishable technology              Shaffer, Brian S.;
                                  preserved on pottery                                                                              Gardner, Karen M.  
                               The Cottonwood Spring and Indian Tank sites                                           Lekson, Stephen H.;
                                                                                                                                                Rorex, Allen S.
                              Archaeological reconnaissance of the caves of sinkhole Flat,                       Polyak, Victor J.;
                                Eddy County, New Mexico                                                                        Cokendolpher, James C.
                               Book review:  The Rock Art of Easter Island;  Symbols of Power,               Davis, John V.
                                  Prayers to the Gods, by Georgia Lee
                33/3    The El Paso Coliseum Collection:  A study of twentieth century                     Lockhart, Bill;                  
                                bottles.                                                                                                    Olszewski, Wanda
                             Principal investigator:                                                                                Peterson, John
                              Book reviews:
                                The Old southwest, 1795-1830:  Frontiers in Conflict, by                        Hamilton, Nancy
                                    Thomas D. Clark & Jahn E. W. Guice
                               The Flowering of Man:  A Tzotzil Botany of Zinacantan, Vols. 1                 Green, John W.
                                    And 2, by Dennis E. Breedlove & Robert M. Laughlin
1995 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          33/4       An index to a third of a century of publications by El Paso                        Kirkpatrick, Leyla;     
                                  Archaeological Society                                                                        Keller, Janis;
                                  Introduction                                                                                        Duran, Meliha,
                                  Subject Listing                                                                                    compilers
                                  Title Listing
                                  Author Listing
                                  EPAS Officers and Directors, 1995
1996 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          34/1;2    Spirits from the south.                                                                           Sutherland, Kay               

                34/3-4    Archaeology at the NAN Ruin, 1996 Season                                            Shafer, Harry;                     
1997 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          35/1;2    A rock art inventory at Hueco Tanks State                                              Davis, John V.;                      
                                  History Park, Texas. Special Report No. 12                                         Sutherland, Kay S.
                                                                                SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS
                                Scrapers and things like that                                                                     1.00
                                Cave surveying techniques                                                                          1.00
                                The protruding tongue                                                                                1.00
1998 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          36/1        Paquime: Architecture, Labor, and Sociopolitical Complexity                  Marinas-Feliner, Silvia      
                                An Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey of Fort Quitman                    Laverde, J. Mike                   
                                A Gobernadora Point from Texas                                                            Achorn, Bret: Sobolik,
                                                                                                                                              Kristin; Prewitt, Wlton R.
                                An Unusual Tarahumara Mask                                                                 Green, John W.
                                Maljamar:  Little Known Archaic Culture of Southeastern,                       Pearce, Mike
                                   New Mexico                                                                   
                               Book Reviews:  Vanishing River: Landscapes and Lives of the Lower         Hamilton, Nancy
                                  Verde Valley – the Lower Verde Valley Archaeological Project by
                                  Richard Ciolek-Torrello and Jeffrey H. Altschul
                              Remarkable Remains of the Ancient Peoples of Guatemala by
                                  Jacques VanKirk  & Pamey Bassett-Vankirk
                              The Prehistory of the Mind:   the Cognative Origins of Art,                       Magee, Richard
                                Religion and Science by Steven Mithen
                36/2       An Inventory of Prehistoric Native American Sites in                             Phelps, Alan L.                  
                                  Northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico
1999 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          37/1        Rock Art and Bedrock Mortar Sites in the Vicinity of                              Pick, Robert O.                 
                                  Summerford Mountain, Dona Ana County, New Mexico

                                The Local Production of Intrusive Ceramics:  The Mineralogy                 Ennes, Mark J.
                                  Of Chupadero Black-on-white in Maneuver Areas 7C and 7D,
                                   Fort Bliss, New Mexico
                                 The Architecture of the Salinas Pueblo missions:  Cultura                     Marinas-Feliner, Silvia     
                                  Assimilation and Adaptation During the First Period of
                                     Spanish Colonization in New Mexico  
                                The Life History of a Ritual Technology: the Quetzalcoatl Belief            Jackson, Lora
                                 Complex from Mesoamerica to the Puebloan Katsina Cult            
1999 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          37/2       Three Rivers Petroglyph Site:  Results of the ASNM Rock Art                 Duran, Meliha S.:               
                                   Recording Field School                                                                        Crotty, Helen K.
2000 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          38           A Most Pleasant Madness Eileen Windsor Alves, 1873-1935                    O’Bagy Davis, Carolyn    
                                  Amateur Archaeologist and Naturalist
                               The Forge at Casa Ronquillo                                                                     Lockhart, Bill
                               Outreach Archaeology: Education and Cultural Tourism                            Thompson, Marc
2001 - $10.00 - per issue
Vol.          39            Casa Blanca                                                                                             O’Laughlin, Thomas                   
                                The Glass Line                                                                                        Lockhart, Bill                         
                                A Tubular Pipe from Chihuahua, Mexico                                                   Phelps, Alan
                                Conch Shell Trumpets in the American Southwest                                   Todd, Jesse
                                 A Mescalero Apache Petroglyph Site Near Turarosa, New Mexico         Sanders, Joe Ben
                                Recounting Events of the Battle of Round Mountain, April, 1868

2002 - $10.00 - per issue

Vol.        40        Ancient DNA and Macaw Identification in the American Southwest:             Bullock, Peter Y.         Cooper, Alan

                          An Analysis of El Paso Brown Pottery:  The Implications for Site                 Roberts, Timothy E.


                                Permanence at a Mesilla Phase Pithouse Village Site in the

                                Hueco Bolsón

                                 NAGPRA and the Future of Anthropology, Archaeology & Museums          Jackson, Lora

                                El Ciervo: A Petroglyph Site in Northern Hudspeth County, TX                Turpin, Solveig A.

2003 - $10.00 - per issue

Vol.        41                Exploring the Chronology of Soft Drink Bottles from El Paso, TX            Lockhart, Bill

                          A Survey of Prehistoric & Historic Sites within the hazardous            Pangburn, Jeffrey Scott

                                    Test Area on white Sands Missile Range

                                    A Pueblo II and III Buffer Zone Between the Chaco                              Dew, Margaret A.

                                    and Gallina Areas of Northwest  New Mexico                                                                                                                                                    

                                  Book Review, Saltillo, 1770-1810, Town & Region in the

                                 Mexican North by Leslie S. Offutt                                                            Phelps, Alan

2004 - $10.00 - per issue

Vol.          42            Dating El Paso Soft Drink Bottles Part 3:                                                    Lockhart, Bill

                                Dating El Paso Soft Drink bottles Part 4:                                                    Lockhart, Bill

                                 Alamo Mountain Pictographs:  From simple Lines to Simple Tlalocs           Omundson, G. E.

                                 The Stepped Fret Motif in American Rock-Art:                                          van Hoek, Maarten

                                  A Brief History of Corn                                                                             Clark, Frances

                                   Book Review:                                                                                            Thompson, Marc

                                         Rivers of Rock:  Stories from a Stone-dry Land, Central Arizona Project Archaeology by

                                                                                                                                                   Whittlesey, Stephanie

2005 - $10.00 - per issue

Vol.         43             Exploring  Chronology of Soft Drink Bottles from El Paso, Texas #5             Lockhart, Bill

                               Archaeological Studies in the Cedar Mountains, SW New Mexico                 Kemrer, Meade F.

                               Beth's Cave, a Prehistoric Storage Location on the Rio Bonito, SW NM        Wiseman, Regge N.

                                A Consideration of Classic Maya Conch Shell Pendants                                 Thompson, Marc

                                Book Review:

                                    The Protohistoric Pueblo World A.D. 1275-1600                                       Adams, Charles & Duff, Andrew 1       

                                                                                                                                                    Jackson, Lora (Review)

2006 - $10.00 - per issue

Vol.         44            Dating El Paso Beer Bottles & Cans Part 1 Pre-Prohibition Bottles & Near Beers                     Lockhart, Bill

                                Dating El Paso Beer Bottles & Cans Part 2, Bottles & Labels from Harry Mitchell Brewery    Lockhart, Bill

                                Native American Occupation of the Elephant Butte-Caballo Reservoir Area                            Phillips, Jr. David A.

                                                                                                                                                                            Larralde, Signa

                                Advances in Prehistoric Pottery Studies Related to SE New Mexico                                    Wiseman, Regge N.

                                    An annotated Bibliography of Selected Titles 1976 through 2005


2007 - $10.00 - Per Issue

Vol.      45 (sold out)  El Paso Archaeological Society 1922-1999                                                                        Davis, Marguerite

                                                                                                                                                                                            Shepperd, Sidney

                                El Paso Archaeological Society 2000-2007                                                                        Luther, William M.

                                You Are What You EWat:  Isotopic Reconstruction of Younger Dryas 

                                Flora in the Middle Rio Grande Valley                                                                                Mullen, Patrick Orion

                                Jones Cave, A Sheltered Habitation in the Guadalupe Mountains of

                                New Mexico                                                                                                                                                  Wiseman, Regge 

                                Dating El Paso Beer Bottles & Cans Part 3 Harry Mitchell Cans, Glasses,                                            Lockhart, Bill

                                and Other Items

                                Dating El Paso Beer Bottles & Cans Part 4 Falstaff Cans & Bottles                                                       Lockhart, Bill

                                Book Review:

                                     Janaab" Pakal of Palenque:  Reconstructing the Life & Death of a Maya Ruler                                 Tiesler, Vera

                                        Reviewed by Nancy Komulainen                                                                                                             Cucina, Andrea

2008 - $10.00 - Per Issue

Vol.      46               Comparative Vertebral Morphology in Medium-Sized North American Artiodactyla                            Chavez, M.Sc. Angela

                                How Far is a Pipette? Iconographic Evidence for Inter-Regional Connectivity in Prehistoric Southwest - Russell, Will   

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Wright, Aaron

                                 Prelininary Comments on the Portrayal of Turtles on Mimbres Black on White Bowls                        Todd, Jesse             

2009 - $10.00 - Per Issue   

Vol. 47                      Trial by Fire                                                                                                                                                  Barbour, Matthew

                                   Indian Water Hole:  A "Lost Kirkland Pictograph Site is Found                                                            Burgess, Terry

                                    The Rise of Central Structure Communities Among the Central Mesa Verde & Kayenta Anasazi     Ryan, Susan C.         

2010 - $10.00 - Per Issue

Vol. 48                 A History of Excavations of El Paso Phase Pueblos by the El Paso Archaeological Society & Other Institutions  -  Myles R. Miller

Tim B. Graves

Mark Willis

Negotiating Navajo Identity:  Constructing Coherence from the Fragments of Chronic Disease                            Matthew Nelson

Specialized Plaza Work Activity Evidence of a Chipping Station in the South Plaza Pot Creek Pueblo                   Wilson W. Crook, III

Mark D. Hughston

Dating El Paso Milk Bottles - Part 1. Mouth Blown, Owens-Made & Recent Milk Bottles                                            Bill Lockhart 2010

A Possible Trickster Figure From the Swarts Ruin, Mimbres Valley, New Mexico                                                      Jesse Todd                           


Special Report Series:

                No. 1.  Three Caves:  A Training Program                                        Out of Print

                                                By Jack Ross

                No. 2.  Cultural Analyzation of Prehistoric                                       Out of Print

                                  Incian Sites of Northern Chihuahua

                                                By Alan Phelps

                No. 3.  The Cosgrove Report                                                                                    ($10.00)                                    (1 in stock)

                                                By C. B. Cosgrove

                No. 4.  The Glass Ranch Site                                                                                   ($10.00)                                   (5 in Stock)

                                                By Jack and Vera Mills

    No. 5.  Cruciform:  An Unusual Artifact of the El Paso Southwest                    ($10.00)                                   (2 in Stock)

                                                By Alan Phelps, 45 Pages, 9 figs.

                No. 6.  The Kuykendall Site                                                                                    ($10.00)                                (sold out)

                                                By Jack and Vera Mills, 167 pages, 90 figs

                No. 7.  The Sabina Mountain Site

                                                By Vernon R. Brook et al

                No. 8. Tobacco, Pipes and Cigarettes of the Prehistoric Southwest                 ($10.00)                               (3 in Stock) 

                                                By Ronald Switzer 75 pages, 34 figs

                No. 9.  What Happened to the People of the Jornada Branch

                                                By Florence Hawley Ellis

                No. 10. The Protruding Tongue                                                                                ($2.00)

                                                By Carl B. Compton, 16 pages, 8 figs                  

                No. 11. The Origin & Significance of Snake-Lightning  Cults in the Pueblo Southwest   ($10.00)                             (6 in stock)

                                                By Ronald R. Switzer


Handbook Series:

                                  #1 Cave Surveying Techniques                                          Instock                $2.00

                                                By Carl B. Compton, 16 pages, 8 figs                  

                                  #2 Scrapers & Things Like That                                       Instock                $2.00

                     The Indians of the El Paso del Norte Area, a youth's introduction     $2.00


The Collected Papers from the 15th Biennial Mogollon Conference                       $20.00

                                       Edited by Lora Jackson-Legare                

                                Contributions by

                                                Jeffery Clark

                                                Katherine Dungan

                                                J. Brett Hill

                                                Deborah L. Huntley

                                                Robert Jones

                                                Lora Jackson Legare

                                                David Legare

                                                Bill Lockhart

                                                Jennifer E. Nisenguard

                                                J. Jefferson Reid

                                                Denise Ruzicka

                                                Stephanie M. Whittlesey