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Pendejo Cave in Southern New Mexico on the US Army McGregor Range.

The El Paso Archaeological Society is proud to make available a Capstone Production film DVD of the 1999 EPAS Award of Distinction Banquet featuring guest speaker Scotty MacNeish, PhD as he gives a photo essay of the famous find, entitled- "Paleo-American Finds from Pendejo Cave."

Pendejo Cave is in side of Otero Mesa on McGregor Range. It overlooks a narrow canyon that is a traditional migration route for animals like deer & antelope. These views from the DVD were recorded on an EPAS Fieldtrip in 1999

There are many layers of human habitation visible in the trench that Scotty MacNeish, Ph.D. dug into Pendejo Cave. This view from the DVD was recorded on the same EPAS Field trip in 1999. The Center image is that of a "peanut-sized effigy in fired clay with human features carved into it & it dated to 14,000 years old" said Scotty MacNeish, Ph.D.

Extinct Horse Toe Bone. A toe bone found in Pendejo Cave with a projectile point stuck into it.

"There were 16 human fingerprints in the clay of a (Pendejo Cave) fireplace, now turned to brick", said MacNeish. "We have one fingerprint from a fireplace that is 36,000 years old.

Scotty got 75 carbon 14 dates going from 320 years ago, with some Apache remains to 55,000 years ago in the next to the lowest layer. There are no dates on the lowest layer.