The Artifact, El Paso Archaeological Society

Guidelines For Authors

General The El Paso Archaeological Society (EPAS) has published The Artifact since 1963. The journal focuses on articles about the prehistory, history, ethnology, and related studies of the El Paso region in particular and the southwestern United States in general. Contributors include both professional and avocational authors. Commercial production is on high quality paper with perfect binding. The EPAS Editorial Committee comprises professional and avocational archaeologists with experience in Southwest and Mesoamerican archaeology as well as all facets of document production.
How to Submit a Manuscript

Authors should notify the Editorial Board in writing or via e-mail of their intent to submit a manuscript.

Submit two double-spaced hard copies of the manuscript and a 3.5-inch computer disk file in a Windows version of Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.

The EPAS Editorial Board will review and accept manuscripts based on subject matter, length, proper references, and timeliness.Manuscripts outside the expertise of the Editorial Board will be referred for peer review.

Articles should be fewer than 40 pages (double spaced), including figures, tables, and references. Well-written short articles will receive preference over longer articles, thus providing variety to the volume and allowing more authors to contribute.

Style Styles for numbers, dates, spelling, citations, references, etc., follow the SAA Journal Style Guide (1996) or the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (or see prior issues of The Artifact for examples).The final reference for spelling is Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged.
References Authors are responsible for completeness and correctness of references. Especially check text citations against the list of references for agreement in dates and spelling of authors' names. List references in alphabetical order with multiple references by the same author in chronological order.
Tables Tables should be short and synthesize data. Center the title over the table. Set the table heading apart with solid lines above and below and place a solid line at the end of the table. Do not use vertical or horizontal lines within the body of the table. Reference each table in the text. List table numbers and titles on a separate sheet.

Figures must be inked or computer-generated line drawings or high-quality photographs. Second and third-generation photocopies and hand-labeled figures are not acceptable. Figures may be either color or black-and-white, but will be published in black-and-white.

Reference each figure in the text. Insert a photocopy of each figure with its caption into the text. Place figure number and caption on the photocopy of the figure and on the back of the original (sticky notes may be used to avoid damaging the original). List figure numbers and captions on a separate sheet.

The EPAS Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse illustrations and to determine published size. All illustrations will be returned to the author, whether published or not.

Proprietorship Manuscripts resulting from proprietary work (e.g., government or private industry contracts) must have authorization for publication in writing from the funding agency.

For specific questions about computer formats, figures, deadlines, etc., contact:

El Paso Archaeological Society
Attn: Editorial Board
P.O. Box 4345
El Paso, TX 79914-4345