El Paso Museum of Archaeology

4301 Transmountain Rd.
El Paso, Texas 79924
(915) 755-4332

Tuesday through Saturday
9:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M.
(Closed Sunday and Monday)

Admission Fees:
There is no admission fee. Admission is free for everyone, although donations are appreciated.

Director: Jeff Romney (915) 755-4332 RomneyJK@elpasotexas.gov

Curator: George Maloof (915) 755-4332 MaloofGO@elpasotexas.gov

On Exhibit: The Paleoindians

Pottery and Baskets

The Archaic Cultures

The Pithouse Peoples

The Cliff Dwellers

The Sumas, Mansos, and Mescaleros