Thomas H. Naylor Scholarship - 2012

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Deadline for applications to be considered in 2012

June 1, 2012



El Paso Archaeological Society

P. O. Box 4345

El Paso, TX 79914-4345


Attn: Scholarship Committee

The El Paso Archaeological Society is pleased to announce the Thomas H. Naylor Student Paper Competition, for Spring 2011.

The winning entry will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and publication of the paper in the Artifact, the Journal of the El Paso Archaeological Society.  The competition is only open to bona fide undergraduate and graduate students of any recognized college or university. 

Guidelines for Thomas H. Naylor Scholarship Paper Competition:

  1. The student must be at the sophomore level or above, who is in good standing and who has a commitment to anthropology, archaeology, history, ethnology, or a related subject.
  1. Deadline for submission of papers will be June 1, 2012.  The winning entry will be notified by June 15, 2012.
  1. The award will be given in a lump sum to the student at the beginning of the academic year.  The choice of institution is the student?s.
  1. The student will provide four hard copies and one computer disk (CDRW or DVD/RW) of the paper that has been entered.  Figures & tables should be presented in numerical order within the text of the manuscript. The placement should be on the page after the page they were referred to. There should be no figures or tables that are not referenced in the text.  Webster's 9th or 10th Collegiate Dictionary will be used in the editing process. Please see Guidelines for Thomas H. Naylor Scholarship Authors.
  1. The papers will be judged on a 40-point scoring system, 10 points for correct length, 10 points for relevance, 10 points for being well written/formatted, and 10 points for original research.  Winners will be chosen during the Scholarship Committee meeting, in which the scores will be posted and averaged.  Each paper will be discussed from the lowest score to the highest.  A list of comments will be compiled.  Typically a winner will be selected by consensual agreement of the scholarship committee.  In case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be the higher GPA of the two contestants.  If the committee finds more than one paper that has merit, then that author may be asked to resubmit the paper for inclusion in the Artifact as a regular submission.
  1. A student that has received the scholarship award for one year may submit a new paper and again apply for the next year, following the same application procedure.  Students may submit only one paper per award year. 
  1. In the event no suitable paper is found, the Society may withhold the award during a given year.
  1. Information about the scholarship will be publicized beginning in January 2012 at anthropology departments of universities in the southwest and in the area media.  The Society will accept papers beginning in January 2012 and up to June 1, 2012.  Paper received after June 1, 2012 will not be considered.
  1. Decision of the El Paso Archaeological Society Scholarship Committee is final.
  1. The El Paso Archaeological Society Scholarship Committee will consist of four members of the El Paso Archaeological Society.
  1. In addition to the paper that is to be submitted, all students will provide a cover letter, containing the following information: name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.  A statement of educational goals, a brief history of activities, and previous research, must be included.  The student will also provide the name of the college now attending, grade level and a copy of transcripts.

                                             El Paso Archaeological Society

                              EPAS Scholarship Committee

                              P. O. Box 4345

                              El Paso, TX 79914-4345
                              (915) 833-1196


Contact: Scholarship Chair


Melissa Holm    Phone (915)217-0779  or (813)385-7115


See more information about submission for articles in the Artifact